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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Annual Census/Street List mailing; finalizing by data entry additions and changes
  • Attorney General; notification of all Zoning Bylaw, Town Bylaw and Charter changes and/or additions
  • Business Certificates, issuance and sale
  • Dog License (MGL C.140 S. 137 & 137A & Sec 141)
  • Elections; Administer all duties required & Certify all aspects of Town, State & Federal (MGL Ch. 4)
  • Election Officer training and duties
  • Election Officers Nominated by Town Clerk for appointment by the Board of Selectmen
  • Keeper of Election Records & Statistics
  • Keeper of Planning Board, ZBA, Site Plan, ANR and Subdivision Plans & Recordings
  • Keeper of all Town Meeting Actions/Recordings
  • Keeper of all Vital Records
  • Marriage Intentions; filing of and Marriage License certification
  • Oath of Office to all Elected and Appointed Board & Committee members
  • Post Public Meetings (MGL C. 30A S.18-25)
  • Post Warrants; Town Meeting & Town Elections
  • Raffle Permits
  • Town Meeting; Certify & Record all motions and vote of articles
  • Underground Fuel Storage Licensing
  • Vital Records; certification, amendments
  • Vital Records; sale of Birth, Death, Marriage License
  • Voter Registration (MGL Ch. 51)

There are many other functions performed in the Town Clerk’s Office. Those listed above are services we provide on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

The Wrentham Town Clerk’s Office is committed to providing courteous, competent and efficient service to the residents of Wrentham. It is the intent of the Town Clerk to keep and maintain all official town records and to preserve for historical purposes all such records. The Town Clerk’s Office will perform all duties as required by state statute and the Town Bylaws. The Town Clerk’s Office will provide all United States Citizens, residing in the Town of Wrentham, 18 years or older, the right to vote and to assure that the integrity of their vote is maintained throughout every election.