The ALERT PROGRAM is being offered in Wrentham to provide families a degree of security when they have family members or they are caregivers to individuals with Alzheimer’s, Autism, or any other special medical or physical condition.
The ALERT PROGRAM is voluntary & confidential, intended to assist Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel in the event of an emergency.
To participate, fill out an ALERT form at Wrentham Police Department, 89 South Street or contact Officer Crosman at 508-384-2121. You may also email Officer Crosman: [email protected].
The form includes the registered person’s name, address, physical description, relevant medical information, best methods of approaching, and wandering patterns if applicable.
A recent photograph is also requested and should be updated every few years.
Information on the forms will be stored in-house and only shared between police and fire in the event of an emergency.
If your loved one wanders off or is involved in some type of emergency, you should contact the police immediately and inform them the person is registered with the Alert program.
Officers will be able to quickly access the information on the ALERT form to assist with locating the individual and/or interacting with them during the emergency.
This information will not only assist the department in emergency situations, but also help teach officers about new ways to interact with individuals with different medical, physical, and emotional disabilities.

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