Are you putting an addition on your home? You must fill out this: FORM A ADDITIONS RENOVATIONS. Application review fee $75

What is considered a bedroom?

If the total number of rooms is 8 or more, the number of bedrooms is the number of rooms divide by two (2). If this results in a fraction of a room, round the number down.

If the total of rooms is less than 8, a bedroom is a room which:

  • Has 70 square feet or more area;
  • Provides privacy for sleeping (has a door);
  • Has one window (sufficiently large enough for emergency egress) 
  • Ventilation; and
  • Ceiling height is at least 7'0"

What if a bedroom is added? 

Since this increases the design flow to the systems, Title 5 requires that the system complies with its requirements or be upgraded. Unless it is clearly known from existing records that the existing system is in compliance with Title 5 for the dwelling with additional flow, the system must be upgraded. If it is uncertain, the system must be inspected by a state approved inspector to establish this fact and to determine whether or not the system has "failed". 

What if only the building is changed?

It must be determined that the location of the addition to the footprint will not interfere with or be too close to the septic system. This fact can be established from:

  • Showing an accurate location from existing records; and/or 
  • Determine that the system is on the opposite side of the building.

If neither can be done, an approved inspector must inspect the system, to the extent that the actual location of the components of the system can be determined accurately. A full inspection is not required unless a bedroom is added.