Projects Under Review

Below are folders containing project materials received by the Conservation Commission during the public hearing phase on permits currently under review. 

Comments or Questions? Please email [email protected] if you would like to submit comments to the Conservation Commission. Your comments will be entered into the record and the project file. 


Notice of Intent (NOI)

Under Review


Project Description


54 Emerald St. (Rice Complex) Proposed construction of a 8’-10’ wide, 2.27 mi bituminous concrete Shared Use Path at the William Rice Recreation Complex.   Under Review - continued indefinitely.
1 Lake St. Proposed construction of patio, fence & shed.  Under Review      06/13/24


Location Project Description Status
 50 Mill Pond Dr.  Proposed construction of an addition to the home in place of an existing deck.  Approved with conditions 5/13/24
 55 Lakeside Ave  Proposed demolition of 2 single family houses and the construction of one single family house, utilities, septic and driveway as well as the reconstruction of existing deck and patio.  Approved with conditions  4/16/24
 Lake Archer Continued invasive aquatic plant management in Lake Archer.  Approved with conditions 02/22/24
 405 Franklin St.  Proposed replacement of a failed septic system.  Approved with conditions 01/16/24
 15 Hillcrest Rd.  Proposed installation of a new septic system and water service as well as replacement of a timber retaining wall.  Approved with conditions - 12/7/23
869 West St. Proposed installation of a new septic system  Approved with conditions - 10/12/23
15 Jones St.  Excavation of soil and filling of gravel to create a parking area
Approved with conditions - 10/12/23
1410 West St. Proposed installation of an in-ground pool, patio, retaining wall and 15' X 16' pergola. Approved with conditions 08/10/23
410 & 420 Eastside Rd. Proposed demolition and reconstruction of an existing home with associated grading and utilities. 

Amended - 10/26/23

Past Decisions/conditions


Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)

Under Review
Location Project Description Status


Location Project Description Status
1 Lakeside Ave Replacement of a cesspool with a septic system   Negative Determination
313 Franklin St. Proposed construction of a roof over an existing patio Negative Determination
Route I-495/Route 1A  Roadway reconstruction & expansion
Negative Determination
115 Lafayette Ave. Proposed re-grading of 2,030 sq.ft. of yard at the rear of the property.  Negative Determination
391 Franklin St.   Eversource gas installation Negative Determination

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)

Location Project Description Status
715,721,775 South St.   Wetland Delineation

 Under Review       5/23/24

 256 Beach St. & 516,521,584 Taunton St.  Wetland Delineation ORAD Issued
567 South St. & 60,82,92 Beach St. Wetland Delineation ORAD Issued
280 Berry St. Wetland Delineation of Vacant Lot  ORAD Issued
544 Thurston St. Wetland Delineation of Vacant Lot  ORAD Issued