Projects Under Review

Below are folders containing project materials received by the Conservation Commission during the public hearing phase on permits currently under review. 

Comments or Questions? Please email [email protected] if you would like to submit comments to the Conservation Commission. Your comments will be entered into the record and the project file. 


Notice of Intent (NOI)

Under Review
Location Project Description Status
 410 & 420 Eastside Rd. Proposed demolition and reconstruction of an existing home with associated grading and utilities   Under Review - 06/08/23
205 Creek St. Proposed construction of a 2 story 16’ x 38’additon to existing sf home as well as reconstructing retaining walls and tree pruning. Under Review - 06/08/23


Location Project Description Status
 25 Commercial Dr.   Proposed septic system upgrade.  Approved with conditions 6/5/23
 25 Commercial Dr.   Proposed repaving of a parking lot.  Approved with conditions 6/5/23 
 95 & 105 Foxboro Rd.  Proposed construction of a 3-family home with septic, water, gas, driveway and associated landscaping and grading. Approved with conditions 6/5/23
 391 Franklin St.  Proposed demolition and reconstruction of a sf home with associated grading and utilities. Approved with conditions 6/6/23
 580 Eastside Rd  Proposed construction of a pergola, patio, stairs and landscaping. Approved with conditions  05/03/23
 15 Sumner Perry Dr.   Proposed construction of a 1.5 story attached garage along with associated foundation excavation & site work. Approved with conditions  05/03/23
 11 Amber Dr. Construction of a single family home with associated grading & utilities partially within a buffer zone Approved with conditions  03/15/23
65 Laurie Ln. Above ground pool installation within the buffer zone. Approved with conditions 07/19/22
120 Cherry St. Construction of a single-family home. Approved with conditions 07/19/22
1092 South St. Demolition and construction of a commercial building.  Approved with conditions 06/29/22
85 Pheasant Run Ct. Construct 10'x18' deck, slider and stairs. Approved with conditions 06/21/22
500, 510 & 524 Thurston St. Proposed construction of warehouse facility and associated site work.  Approved with conditions 05/25/22
80 Washington St. Ground mounted solar array and associated infrastructure. Approved 12/07/22
35 Gilmore Rd.  Remove and replace wooden stairs with granite.  Approved with conditions 03/01/22
1139 West St.  Sidewalk construction within the buffer zone associated with a new nine unit senior living community.  Approved with conditions  02/21/23  
20 Hancock St.    Sidewalk and roadway construction within the buffer zone associated with a new sixteen unit senior living community. Approved with conditions  02/21/23
371 & 377 Franklin St.  Proposed construction of a septic system, multiple retaining walls and a parking.  Approved with conditions  02/27/23  


Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)

Under Review
Location Project Description Status


Location Project Description Status
 313 Franklin St.  Proposed construction of a roof over an existing patio  Negative Determination
Route I-495/Route 1A  Roadway reconstruction & expansion
Negative Determination
115 Lafayette Ave. Proposed re-grading of 2,030 sq.ft. of yard at the rear of the property.  Negative Determination
391 Franklin St.   Eversource gas installation  Negative Determination

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)


Location Project Description Status
280 Berry St. Wetland Delineation of Vacant Lot Public Hearing - ORAD issued
544 Thurston St. Wetland Delineation of Vacant Lot  Public Hearing - ORAD issued