Charter of the Commission

There is hereby formed the Wrentham Economic Development Commission (“Commission”) for the purpose of enhancing the Town's economy by investigating current economic conditions, assisting the Town with the formation and execution of appropriate economic development and marketing opportunities, coordinating activities to enhance or expand economic development and engaging in such other activities as are necessary to further the Commission's purposes.

Role of the Commission

The role of the Commission is to:

  1. Research economic conditions and potential economic development opportunities for the Town, primarily focused on the retention or enhancement of existing businesses and the attraction of appropriate new businesses;
  2. Develop and recommend to the Board of Selectman a marketing plan setting forth the Commission's vision for economic development, whether for individual parcels, regions or the entire Town;
  3. Serve as a resource for the Town's boards, commissions, committees and staff with respect to economic development opportunities, strategic planning initiatives and other matters impacting economic development and coordinate economic development activities amongst such organizations at the request and direction of the Board of Selectman;
  4. Establish a dialogue with Town residents to understand the needs of the community; with local business owners to understand current economic challenges and hindrances to the enhancement or expansion of existing businesses; and with potential new business owners to facilitate appropriate economic development opportunities;
  5. Assist individuals or business owners with any federal, state, or Town regulatory process by serving as a liaison between businesses and governmental agencies, particularly with respect to business assistance or development programs and permitting
  6. Provide recommendations on specific economic development proposals when requested to do so by any Town board, commission, committee or the Town Administrator or when the Commission deems it to be in the best interests of Town residents to provide such a recommendation; and
  7. Undertake any other project or duty as determined by the Commission or the Board of Selectmen that impacts the economic sustainability of the Town.

Membership of the Commission

The Commission is a volunteer board consisting of members of the community who want to assist the Town in achieving and maintaining a sound and sustainable economy. The Commission shall be comprised of no more than seven (7) such persons who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for staggered terms of five (5) years. Efforts shall be made to include a broad representation of the community at large and all appointments shall be made on the basis of the individual's ability to assist in the purpose of the Commission and their willingness to serve.

Advisory Assistance to the Commission

The Commission shall have assistance from Town staff, as designated by the Town Administrator with the consent of the Board of Selectman. If necessary, the Commission may request advisory assistance from other individuals or agencies responsible for the management of the Town and may ask representatives from these organizations to participate in Commission activities.

Reports and Recommendations from the Commission

The Commission shall make periodic reports on its activities to the Board of Selectmen, at least annually.

Effective Date and Duration

The Commission adopted this Charter on September 28, 2011, with effect from the date of its adoption, and intends that this Charter remain in full force and effect until amended or revoked by a subsequent written action of the Commission.