Zoning Initiatives & Amendments

What is Zoning? 

The Massachusetts Zoning Act, MGL Ch. 40A, defines Zoning as "the ordinances and bylaws adopted by municipalities to regulate the use of land, buildings and structures to the full extent of the independent constitutional powers of cities and towns to protect public health, safety and general welfare of their present and future inhabitants." Zoning regulations guide how and where growth occurs in a community.

This guidance is done by establishing requirements for minimum lot size, street frontage, density, parking, open space and signage to name a few. Certain uses may be permitted as of right while others require the issuance of a special permit. Zoning helps avoid placing incompatible uses, such as heavy industry and residential development near each other. 

Zoning in Wrentham

Wrentham is divided into thirteen primary zones and four overlay zones. 

To view the current Zoning Bylaw & Map, CLICK HERE

Planning Board Duties Relating to Zoning Amendments

In accordance with M.G.L. Ch. 40A, Section 5, the Planning Board holds public hearings and makes recommendations on all proposed zoning amendments. The Board presents its report to Town Meeting for all zoning amendments on the Town Meeting Warrant. There are different voting thresholds for different types of amendments.

To view the State's Voting Threshold Guidance, CLICK HERE