The Town Accountant is responsible to the Board of Selectmen, through the Finance Director, to prepare and submit to the Board, on a weekly basis, the expense and payroll warrants. The Town Accountant is solely responsible for the financial records of the Town, and to assure that the town is in full compliance with the Uniform Municipal Accounting System (UMAS) as promulgated by the Division of Accounts.


To ensure proper accounting, compliance, and authorization in accordance with Town by-laws and Massachusetts General Law. 

What we do
  • Ensure proper accounting, authorization and compliance controls are in place town wide
  • Provide accurate and timely financial reporting to all town departments
  • Ensure timely compliances with DOR reporting
  • Manages all Federal and State grants
Forms for Town Vendors

Fillable W-9 PDF Form


Christine Dupras - Town Accountant[email protected]

Emily Kelly - Assistant Town Accountant - [email protected]

Kathy Ahern - Accounts Payable Coordinator - [email protected]