Discover Wrentham


1. Old Fisk Library Museum/Gallery: Located on East Street as a museum and cultural center.


2. King Philip Regional High School: Named after the warrior King Philip. The tri town high school is home to the King Philip warriors.

3. The Delaney, Roderick and Vogel Schools: located on Taunton Street cover Grades K-6


4. Lake Pearl Ballroom: Originally Lake Pearl Park established in the mid 1800's currently known for its ballroom and beach. In its heyday of the 1940’s and 50’s [Big Band Era) the venue hosted Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, and many more celebrities.

5. Proctor Mansion: Thomas Proctor, a wealthy businessman from Providence, Rhode Island built this Victorian style house in 1861. He and his wife, a Wrentham native, resided in the home until 1865 when ownership was transferred to Daniel Brown. The mansion today is used as a bed and breakfast and hosts a variety of functions.

6. The Big Apple: The actual farm name is Pine Hedge Orchards but people began call it the Big Apple because of the large carved wooden apple hung above the entrance sign. It has been owned by the Morse Family since 1950. It sells a variety of apples, farm fresh vegetables, blueberry and raspberry arbors, pumpkin patches, and a bakery.

7. White Barn Farm: family-run farm that grows organic vegetables. The farm was established in 2008 by Christy Raymond on her family's land.  White Barn Farm is located at 431 South Street

8. Cooks Farm: Located on West Street, established in 1705 . Cooks Farm is the oldest farm in Wrentham.


9. American Legion: Located on South Street The American Legion is a meeting place for Veterans of all ages and is also used as a function hall. The main hall can be rented for any occasion.


10. St. Mary Church: Located on South Street.

11. The Original Congregation Church: Located at the corner of East Street and Dedham Street.

12. Trinity Episcopal Church: Located on East Street.

13. Sheldonville Baptist Church: Located on West Street.

14. Mount St. Mary’s Abbey: Located on Arnold Street.

Parks, Open Space and Recreation:

Wrentham's Guide to Open Space & Recreation

15. Wollomonopoag: Miles of hiking trails through wooded areas, wildlife viewing, and areas of interest for glacial geology.

16. Birchwold Farms: Located at the intersection of Route 121 and West Street in Sheldonville, covers over 100 acres of wild life and hiking. The land consists of wetlands, small ponds and many more interesting sights.

17. Town Common: This green space in the center of town contains war monuments, a tribute to Helen Keller and a gazebo, which plays host to summertime concerts, weddings and other community events.

18. Joe's Rock: On the opposite side of Birchwold Farm, Joe’s Rock has hiking trails that will bring you to Bog Pond which used to be a cranberry bog. There are scenic views and also climbing.

19. Sweatt Beach and Boat Landing: A local beach and boat landing off Woolford Road. For a small fee, you can enjoy a staffed swimming area, including a lifeguard on duty.

20. Sweatt Park: Sweat Park is an enjoyable place for just about anyone to go. This is a lovely area where you can go play games or just hang out for a picnic. There are benches for comfortable seating and a lot of places close by to get a bite to eat.

21. Trout Pond: Trout Pond is located off of Taunton Street. It consists of large areas of water to go fishing and also hiking trails.

22. Sweatt Fields: Located on Randall Road consists of several baseball fields, picnic tables, and a concession stand. This is at the bottom of Knuck Up Hill (Sweatt Hill) where you can walk and hike around.

23. Wrentham State Forest: With over 1200 acres in Wrentham, it expands into Franklin. It is a great place to go hiking and see wild life.

24. Warner Trail: Established in 1939 by the Appalachian Mountain Club is a 34-mile-long path stretching from Canton, Massachusetts to Diamond Hill, Rhode Island, with approximately 14 miles of the trail in Wrentham.

25. William A. Rice Complex: 80 Acres of open space that host baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volley ball and much more.

26. Wrentham Dog Park: Located at the intersection of North and Emerald streets this 4.5-acre park is fenced in and offers plenty of space for dogs to run and socialize.

The Lakes:

27. Lake Archer: This small, 79-acre natural great pond is located immediately south of Route 140 in Wrentham. The pond has an average depth of 16 feet and a maximum depth of 36 feet.

26. Lake Pearl: This is an outstanding wide-open recreational lake that offers plenty of room for powerboats and also has great coves for fishing. The lake is located just south of Route 140 in Wrentham. There is one outlet to the lake at Eagle Brook dam, located in the northwest corner.

27. Mirror Lake: Mirror Lake is a 56-acre lake with an average depth of 8 feet and a maximum depth of 14 feet. Boating is allowed on the lake, including kayaks, canoes, and sail boats.