Proposed Charter Amendments
Posted on 10/16/2023
Proposed Charter Amendments

The proposed amended Wrentham Town Charter is provided for public review at the link. This document contains all of the proposals discussed at the October 4, 2023 public forum.
The current document has been drafted using Track Changes, which shows the proposed additions and deletions. The effect of using Track Changes makes it a little difficult to entirely standardize some of the formatting (especially regarding numerations) until all of the changes are accepted or rejected. This will not happen until the proposals are voted on at Town Meeting on November 13. We apologize that this makes it look a little messy and ask your indulgence on this aspect of the draft.
Also linked here is the presentation that was made by the CRC at the October 4 forum. Comments/feedback may be submitted to the Board of Selectmen's Office at 79 South Street Wrentham, MA 02093 or via email at [email protected]

Proposed Amendments to Charter

Public Forum #3 Presentation 

*Please note the Proposed Amendments to Charter was updated with a cleaner version on 10/17/23