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Published on Mar 6, 2024 13:26

We're seeking input for the MBTA Communities Multi-Family Zoning Requirements. Share your comments, feedback or zoning suggestions via email to [email protected] 

MBTA Communities Review

In 2021 Massachusetts amended its General Laws to add Section 3A to Chapter 40A. Wrentham is one of 177 of communities impacted by this new law. Classified as a MBTA Adjacent Community, which means that Wrentham does not host a commuter rail station within its border but directly abuts communities that do, Franklin, Norfolk, and Foxborough. 

Wrentham is required to adopt at least one zoning district of reasonable size in which multi-family housing is permitted as-of-right. As-of-right means development that may proceed under a zoning bylaw without the need for a special permit, variance, zoning amendment, waiver, or other discretionary zoning approval. 

The district is subject to certain requirements outlined here in the Compliance Guidelines for Multi-family Zoning Districts Under Section 3A of the Zoning Act.  

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