Household Hazardous Waste Day has been suspended due to the prohibitive cost and the limited number of companies who provide on-site hazardous collection service.  As an alternative, the Town of Wrentham has aligned with two local companies, Eco+ and NEDT, that provide recycling and disposal of hazardous items for a fee. Residents may contact and pay these companies directly for  household or hazardous items that they need to dispose of.

Household Hazardous Waste Info

Eco+ Recycling Services - 135 Morse Street, Foxboro, MA 02035

Eco+  provides pick up or drop off service for a fee. They offer recycling of items like mattresses and accept difficult to dispose of items like propane tanks. They have a provided a list of common items & pricing for Wrentham.

Eco+ Common Items & Price List - Wrentham

Eco+ accepts cash, check, or credit card for payment and can be reached at 508.851.7540 or contact them via their website


NEDT - 83 Gilmore Drive, Sutton, MA 01590

NEDT operates as a “self-pay” or “pay-as-you-throw” Hazardous Waste disposal facility. This means you pay only for the hazardous products that you bring to the facility. Find a  list of what they accept on their fact sheet.

NEDT accepts cash, credit card or debit card. They can be reached at 866-769-1621 or contact them via their website