Initiatives & Projects

Information on the Town's Economic Target Areas and other economic development related information.

EDC Work Plan, FY23


Pop-Up Shop Wrentham

The Pop-up Shop Wrentham is a Downtown Revitalization and small business development project and partnership with Franklin made possible by the State's Regional Pilot Project Grant program. Wrentham secured one location for temporary use by small businesses / start-ups. The highly visible location allowed the small business owner the opportunity to "pop-up" and test the market in a downtown brick & mortar location while gaining valuable insights, experience, and making customer connections.

The "Pop Up Shop Wrentham" program has now ended.


Rapid Recovery Plan Program

The Town in 2021, was awarded a Rapid Recovery Plan (RRP) Technical Assistance Grant through DHCD's Massachusetts Downtown Initiative. The RRP Program provided the Town the opportunity to develop actionable, project-based recovery plans tailored to the unique economic challenges and COVID-19 related impacts to the downtown. The RRP includes an analysis and exploration of challenges, barriers, strategies and actions with a focus on developing tactical and strategic project recommendations that will help the Town achieve their recovery goals.

DHCD Local Rapid Recovery Plan Program


Wrentham 2030: Vision of Tomorrow, Master Plan

Vision of Tomorrow is a town-wide master planning process that will provide the basis for decision-making in the Wrentham for the next 10 years and is intended to ensure those decisions consider both long-term effects of an action and is consistent with an over-all vision created by the community. Sign up to stay informed about announcements and news here.

What is a Master Plan?

Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 41, Section 81D states: "A Planning Board established in any city or town under section 81A shall make a master plan of such city or town or such parts thereof as said board may deem advisable and from time to time extend or perfect such plan."

MGL requires that master plans at a minimum address: Natural Resources, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Transportation, Historic & Cultural Resources, Open Space & Recreation, Land Use, Housing, Implementation and based on community needs: Public Health & Social Services, Climate Resiliency and Education.

Wrentham 2030: Vision of Tomorrow, Master Plan


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For an overview of development projects in Wrentham, please see Planning Board Development Projects.