Public Works Building Committee

The Board of Selectmen appointed the Public Works Building Committee at their January 17, 2023 meeting. The PWBC has been charged with the task of implementing and overseeing to completion the planning and construction of a new/renovated facility to replace and/or enhance the current facilities located at 360 Taunton Street. 


Name  Title
John Murphy Chair
Chris Gallo Vice Chair 
Joseph Botaish Selectmen
Kevin Sweet Town Administrator
Brian Antonioli Director of Public Works
Lou Allevato Resident at Large

Current Facilities: 

Vehicle Storage facilities are undersized and unable to efficiently support current operations. This impacts response times during cold and inclement weather and contributes to rapid deterioration of Town owned equipment. Mechanic bay & vehicle wash area space is inadequate to properly care and maintain fleet vehicles. 

Employee facilities are undersized and lack adequate supervisor office space, conference rooms and storage areas.