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Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at 7:00 pm  

Location: Zoom


7:00 pm - Call to Order

1. Action Items

  • Approval of Meeting Minutes - June 5, 2024

2. Public Hearings (7:15pm)

  • Continued Public Hearing: 13 Franklin St, SP/SPA. A public hearing to consider the request for Special Permit for Use (§390-21.3 (C)(5)), for a Site Plan Approval ($390- 21.12),to renovate the existing building to allow for office/nonretail use. 
  • Continued Public Hearing: MBTA Zoning By-law Amendments
    To amend the Zoning Bylaw by 1) inserting new Article 22 - “MBTA Communities Multi-family Overlay District (MCMOD)”, 2) adding MCMOD to the zoning district list, 3) amend the Zoning Map to include the MCMOD Overlay district
  • Continued Public Hearing: 715, 721, & 775 South St. A public hearing to consider the request for Special Permits under Wrentham General Code Chapter 390 (Zoning Bylaw) Section 9 & 14 and Wrentham General Code Chapter 275 (General Bylaw – Earth Removal) and a Stormwater Permit under Wrentham General Code Chapter 351 for the removal and commercial sale of approximately 730,000 cubic yards of sand & gravel.
  • Continued Public Hearing: 64 Winter St. A public hearing to consider the request by Applicants Robert & Mary Bullock for approval of a definitive subdivision plan entitled “Winter Estates” by United Consultants, 850 Franklin St Suite 11D Wrentham, MA dated April 12, 2024, located at 64 Winter St and showing 2 proposed lots, and stormwater recharge approval for an increase of impervious surface exceeding 600 sq. ft.

3. General Business

4. Next Meeting - August 7, 2024

5. Adjournment